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Jul 13, 2017

Esmee's 7 TOP Motivational Tips


Motivation doesn’t need to just happen during your workout, it needs to play a big part outside of the sweat zone too. Here are my top tips on how stay motivated throughout your programme: 

1) Keep to the beat 

When I train, I find it really helpful to get through reps by concentrating on the beat of the music. This is known as 'tempo training'. When I feel like my motivation levels are dropping, I zone into music either with my earphones or blasting out of the speakers and before I know it the reps gone and the round is finished. 

2) Put something precious on your back 

Visualise something that you really care about and put it on your back. If you drop or stop then that very precious thing will drop too. This could be a relationship, a career or even a glass of Prosecco. This works perfectly during those intense long planks. 

3) Have a word 

Before or even during your workout sometimes you just have to stop and have a word with yourself. The same way you’d have a word with one of your best mates if they told you they couldn’t do something that you knew they were capable of. 

4) The power of disruption 

One of my favourite motivational techniques is disrupting a negative thought with a positive push. First you need to decide your word action or even noise that you will use when a negative thought comes into your head. Once you use this signal you will associate it with a positive thought which could be your ultimate goal or your reason why you are training… this is the power of disruption.  

5) Mind over matter 

It’s very easy to go into your workout and switch your mind off. But really, your mind is the most powerful tool you have during your session. Spend a moment before you start by switching your mind on and deciding why you are doing what you are doing today. It is a scientific fact that by linking the mind to the body results in a much more efficient workout and consistent results. 

6) Plan your week

I personally think Sunday’s are the best days to plan what I’m going to do the following week. I look at my schedule and I slot in my workouts, once it is in writing I’ve committed and I can visualise the week ahead. Make a habit of entering your weekly workouts in your diary in the exact same way you would a work meeting or a social meeting with friends because a workout is just as important. 

7) Credit where credit is due 

Remember you are allowed to congratulate yourself, reward yourself and tell yourself that you have done an amazing job when you’ve finished a workout. Set a reward, this could be something as small as a square of chocolate, a sugar in your tea or an extra hour in bed on the weekend; work honestly towards that reward and enjoy it! 


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Esmée Gummer
Jul 13, 2017