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Aug 03, 2017




It’s no use simply saying I want to be ‘fitter’ or ‘slimmer’, you need to be more specific. Likewise you have to be realistic. I’m afraid you won’t lose 10kg in the week before your holiday so we recommend using the SMART model which identifies the key components of setting a ‘good’ goal.


Specific – This is the ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘how’, ‘where’ and ‘when’ of your goal. For example your goal may be to lose 10kgs (what), to ensure you look hot in in your bikini when you go on holiday (why), by following Jess’ programme (how), at home (where) 5 times each week (when).


Measurable – Choose a goal with measurable progress so you can see the change occur and then take the measures to check you are on track. Measurable goals can include losing a set amount of weight, dropping cms in target areas, feeling more comfortable in a particular outfit.


Attainable – If you set a goal too far beyond your reach you will start to feel overwhelmed and lose belief that you can achieve it and this in itself can stop you from even giving it a try. However, your goal needs to stretch you slightly so you feel there is something to aspire to and so that you make a real commitment.


Relevant – To maintain commitment to achieving your goal it is essential it is relevant to you. Setting the same goal as a friend may not work for you as your motivations and needs will likely differ. A relevant goal is one that has meaning to you and will enhance your life, belief and feeling of well-being.


Timely – Without a time frame there will be no sense of urgency, it’s no use saying you would like to be slim ‘someday’. Instead, set a date and book your beach holiday so that your unconscious mind moves into motion to guide your conscious mind to start planning and setting targeted steps towards your goal, i.e. 5 workouts per week with Jess for just 7 weeks.

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Aug 03, 2017

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