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Aug 14, 2017



When it comes to food and what I eat it's very difficult to sum it up simply. I definitely believe consistency is key when it comes to results in anything you do, but food is an area where you need to room to explore and adapt to certain situations.

My lifestyle is always changing, sometimes it could be 14 hours days of physical activity, others it could be a lighter day of life admin and sitting on my bum. This is why it is crucial for me to eat the foods that are going to compliment my day and current situation. On top of that I need to also consider the days where my life is completely different i.e. holidays, shoots days, parties and even sick days!

I generally live a very balanced lifestyle and believe you should follow the rules of everything in moderation. But I also understand people need stability and consistency so I am going to share with you my top food tips for all situations. 


It's very easy to reach for sugary snacks or drinks and caffeine when you need the energy boost but avoid this as a quick fix is not what you need. My meals are jam packed with proteins, carbs and healthy fats to keep me going.

Here is an example of what I’d eat on a Long Day:


Porridge with Honey 


Apple with Almonds in natural yoghurt 


Sweet Potato with paprika spiced chickpeas, tomatoes, cucumber and coriander 


Banana with peanut butter 


Brown Rice, Salmon, Broccoli 


A rest day is as important as a training day with the focus being what you are putting into your body. It's a good idea to avoid the carbs and stick to proteins and high healthy fats. This will help the recovery of the muscles but also keeping the carbs low will be beneficial for keeping lean as you won't have the opportunity to burn them off. 


The first thing you want to do on a hangover is fill your body with comfort food. Although in the moment this feels like the right thing to do it will only make you feel worse in the long run. There are some great recipes available which are great alternatives to the foods you want with a healthier twist. Still giving you that fix but dropping out refined sugars and the cheeky takeaways. 

To name a few:

Cauliflower based pizza 

Courgetti instead of spaghetti Bolognese 

Sweet Potato instead of a bun Sliders 

Lettuce instead of a wrap Fajitas 


We all know how hard it is to eat on a sick day and this can be frustrating especially when you have been working so hard on those gains. To make matters worse it's even harder to get back into your workouts after a sick day and suddenly 1 day becomes a week off training! It's crucial to spend this day putting the right things into your body that are not only going to help fight off the nasties but also ensure you are fit and ready to get back into training when you are recovered. 

Stock up on:



Coconut water 





Leafy green veg 


Of course when we are away on holiday we want to relax and enjoy ourselves but sometimes if we take it too far we go the opposite way and end up stressing about how we look and feel. A lot of times on holiday you may think you are hungry but it could be one of two things dehydration or inactivity. Make sure you are drinking lots of water to stop you snacking at the wrong time. Also being inactive (sunbathing, sitting around) could lead onto reaching for food for something to do. Try and get a workout in to combat this feeling, especially in the morning. If you start your day working out you will make healthier choices. I do enjoy letting loose on holiday but I still make a combat effort to get in at least one healthy well rounded meal. This also combats the post holiday illnesses.  

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Aug 14, 2017

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