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Aug 23, 2017




Here is a list of common barriers to training and to good nutrition with our pick of the best ways to overcome them.

Lack of Time:

Get up earlier – Simply re-set your body clock to get up 30-minutes earlier to exercise. You will quickly adjust and find the early morning exercise endorphin boost gives you more energy for the rest of the day.


Lack of Confidence

Banish feelings of self-consciousness by reminding yourself of the fat loss and toning benefits you are achieving with every session. Every single repetition of every exercise in every session is a step closer to the new you so take pride in the little gains you are making everyday. And the more you exercise, the more confident you will feel, making this barrier a thing of the past.



Sadly there are others, sometimes friends, colleagues or even loved ones, who act to sabotage your fitness or dietary efforts. Sometimes this is because of their own insecurities that you may ‘leave them behind’ and look and feel better than they do. It can also be their own lack of understanding of your goals. Don’t let others jeopardise your efforts.Tell everyone around you about your fitness and dietary goals and how important they are to you. Tell them how much their support means to you and even encourage them to join you on your journey.


Injury or Illness

Try to work around the problem as even when injured there is usually some form of exercise you can do. For example if you have an impact injury (stress-fracture or fascia tightness) you can still perform the cardio and HIIT workouts by taking the regression option and removing the jumping element of the exercises, as shown by Jess and stressed by Esmee.


Lack of Motivation

This can be due to a number of factors – boredom, laziness, losing sight of your goals and lack of structure to your training or dietary programme. Exercising with friends, family or colleagues is often more fun than by yourself and having made a commitment to meet them to exercise together you’re less likely to make excuses not to do it. It’s also vital to set yourself goals and keep reviewing them, specifically, taking a quiet moment to focus on how great you will feel when you hit them.

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Aug 23, 2017

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