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Sep 05, 2017

9 Healthy Daily Rituals

9 Healthy Daily Rituals 


9,000 steps. It's so easy to get in the car, take a bus or even choose to sit rather than stand at a party. Get your steps in and make a conscious decision to switch the habit or using transport on wheels rather than foot. Your legs are a gift, use them. 


8 hours of sleep at night. Sleep is so important for so many reasons especially when exercising. This is when the muscles are developing and your body is changing, so the more sleep the more changes. 


7 glasses of water. Keeping hydrated has so many benefits that most people need help with. It clears toxins out the body resulting in clearer skin, a clearer mind and even boost productivity. 


6 minutes of meditation. Stress leaves our bodies in lots of different ways to the point where most of our problems come from this and we don't even know it. Meditation can be done in anyway that you want. Reading, running, sitting, breathing, listening to music, you choose whatever suits you and make it happen. 


5 serving of fruit and veggies. We've been grilled our whole lives about getting in your 5 a day. There are so many vitamins and minerals we can gain from fruit and vegetables that have amazing benefits. So cram them in even if you have to hide them in your food. 


4 breaks. We find it so difficult to just do nothing because usually it leads to a feeling of guilt. Set an alarm 4 times a day to take a break. Whether it's your lunch break or even just a 2 minute sit and gaze out the window, make it happen and don't skip it! 


3 meals (and 3 healthy snacks) I have always been a fan of 6 meals a day. By eating continuously throughout the day you are increasing your metabolism rate and also your digestion. It also stops you overeating or pigging out in the evenings because you tummy is always satisfied. 


2 hours of no phone before bed. Not only will this help you sleep better it is also amazing for your own mental health. The addiction of checking your phone for notifications, Instagram likes and messages is only going to make your more stressed undercover. Besides there are so many other things you could fill that time with - read a book, spend time with loved ones or just simply BE. 


1 session of exercise. Whether this is a long run or a 7 minute blitz it does not matter. Get the heart rate up, the body temperature up and get those limbs moving. You won't regret it! 

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Sep 05, 2017

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