I have always dipped in and out of fitness, not really seeing the results I’ve wanted. With a lack of motivation and determination I feel I’ve never achieved my true potential. Then I met Esmee Gummer -  my Personal Trainer. It is safe to say my life has been turned upside down – and for the better!


I now wake up looking forward to working out, it’s no longer a chore or something I dread. This programme is allowing me to enjoy keeping fit whilst pushing myself at a steady pace – generating amazing results. I am enjoying a varied workout of toning, cardio and HIIT exercises which stops me from getting bored from constantly doing the same thing. These variations combined give the ultimate full body workout.


To maximise my results, I am not only working out - I am eating healthier too. I follow a nutritional plan but still get to eat the things I love. My energy levels have increased, my skin is clearer, my hair is shinier and I now have a new confidence which I never had before.


I can’t imagine not factoring my workouts into my weekly routine now – with equipment included, I am able to train at home or on the go. I don’t have a need for a gym membership anymore, spending endless hours on the treadmill. Now, within 30 minutes my workout is done and dusted!



We believe that it’s more than just a coincidence that there are 7 days in a week, 7 colours of the rainbow, 7 seas and 7 wonders of the world…. And of course, Jess’ favourite number.


You will notice this program is structed around this magical and mysterious number with 7 exercises in each workout and 7 minutes of effort in the cardio sections. This is a truly unique opportunity to harness the immense benefits of the world’s most powerful number!


Every movement your body performs can be broken down into a series of basic patterns, often referred to as the 7 primal movements:


Push, Pull, Squat, Lunge, Bend, Twist, Walk/Run


It can be argued that simply getting through the day relies on your ability to executive combinations of these movements. If you consider everyday activities such as bringing in your sports bag from the car, vacuuming your home and picking up your child from the floor.


The premise of this workout is that it focuses on these 7 movements giving you the ultimate full body workout. The exercises are based around everyday key movements that your body was designed to do. Not only will this workout make a difference to the way you look but also your quality of life by impacting everything you do!


The workouts are split into 3 phases that become progressively more challenging as you go. This will ultimately produce results but also allow you to set your own goals, depending on your starting fitness and motivation levels.


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