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Jessica Wright

‘I have struggled with my weight and fitness regime for my entire life. I had a lack of motivation and determination which made me feel like I never achieved my true fitness potential. Then I met Esmee Gummer, my personal trainer, and my life has since been turned upside down…for the better! The experience has completely revolutionised the way I think about my fitness - working out is no longer a chore for me as the variety of exercises kept me motivated & focussed towards my end goal. I now completely enjoy keeping fit, and this programme helps you push yourself at a steady & manageable pace, and still get amazing results. It’s changed my life so I wanted to give all women the opportunity to also change theirs.’


I've loved trialling Fi7ness by Jessica Wright! It's been hard work but TOTALLY worth it! The fact that I can workout at home in the morning before work and it only takes 30 minutes is perfect for me. I don't have time to go to the gym, but with this workout it is done and dusted before I know it! The results have been amazing... I finally feel confident again in my bikini! Here's to the next 7 weeks :)

Laura Jane

I’ve went from a size 12 (tight) to a size 10 and have lost a total of 21lbs! I can’t wait to see more positive changes to my body as I continue my journey!

Emma Fleet

Last month I finally summoned up the courage to make the first step to the new me and went online and bought Fi7ness by Jessica Wright. In the last 7 weeks I have now lost 18.5lbs and have a huge smile on my face!


What a great job from Lydia who has smashed her 7 week journey.


What an AMAZING transformation from Laura - Jane!


Kayleigh is our top inspirational lady who has blown us away by her fantastic results!


Go Lauren!! Another BRILLIANT transformation.